Samsung Galaxy S9 phones go through scratch, burn and bend tests


Samsung’s recently announced flagship phones, Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ are on the headlines back again. The new Galaxy S9 Phones go through all the durability tests such as Scratch, Burn and Bend and interestingly, the phone survived all the tests which makes the most durable ones. 

A popular YouTube Channel who owned by JerryRigEverything, has done all the tests on this newly launched Galaxy S9 phones. The smartphone has been gone through all the durability tests by him and he has even shared a proper video of each test on the YouTube which show off the durability of the new Galaxy S9 phones.

Starting with the Scratch test, the new Galaxy S9 phones carry an AMOLED screen. Surprisingly, the phones resisted scratches till Moh level 6 of hardness. Since the devices are protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 5, the displays are very protective and doesn’t get scratched easily. Apparently, the thickness of the glass protecting the display of the Galaxy S9 phones are thicker than the predecessors of the phones. After getting scratched, the phone worked perfectly and all the sensors are working fine. So yes, the phones have survived the Scratch test.

If you are interested to see how these phones have passed through the Scratch, Burn and Bend tests, then here we have embedded the video of all the tests shared by the above mentioned YouTube on his channel. You can check out the testing video from here.

Moving on to the burn test, the new Galaxy S9 phones started losing the display’s pixels after 12 seconds of the burning test through a gas-filled lighter. So the phones also fares better with the burn test which is the reason why the Galaxy S9 phones are best designed smartphones. The AMOLED display and other protections on the devices are making the device more durable at the same time.

The new Samsung Galaxy S9 phones are designed with strong body and will not break easily. Lastly, the Galaxy S9 phones are passed the bending test with flying colours. So the device didn’t get bend and the processor of the devices also function properly after going through all of the above tests easily.

Apart from this, the only test is remaining is the fall out test. We will have to wait for a drop test of this smartphone. So yes, we would expect this phone to the drop test for these new Galaxy S9 smartphones in the coming days.

If we talk more about the company’s plans, Samsung aims at selling 43 Million units of the Galaxy S9 smartphones in this year, despite of getting low pre-orders, the company aims high to sell 2 more million units of the new Galaxy S9 phones compared to the Galaxy S8 phones of the previous year. Samsung would soon come up with more statements regarding these phones’ availability in various markets around the world.