Samsung Galaxy S8 crossed 1.3 Million devices in Korea


South Korean Giant, Samsung has released its new generation of Galaxy S smartphones in the market with new Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. Both the phones offer a variety of innovative features to explore the world well. These the the most popular and most favourite high end smartphones at the current time period. Recently, a new report claims that the Samsung Galaxy S8 has crossed over 1.3 Million devices mark in Korea. 

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According to news report on June 26, Samsung has reportedly passed the marking of 1.3 Million devices in Korea. Apart from the original S8 variant, the S8+ variant too are doing really well in the market with over 11,000 devices per day. This is the first premium smartphone to receive such a huge number of buyers till date.

If we collect the previous data, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S7 had received very low response while this new Galaxy S8 has double the buyers than the predecessors. According to the recent data, Samsung Galaxy S8 has crossed over 1 Million buyers in just 37 days. This is just because of the availability of these phones. Some people are still waiting to see the new generation of iPhone from Apple which are going to launch in the coming September month.

Recently, Samsung has showed off a new Rose Pink Color variant to its Galaxy S8+ smartphone in the market. The selling of this phone will expand with the release of this new Rose Pink color variant. Some other reports suggest that, Samsung is planning to come up with two more color variants to the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ smartphones in the coming time, may be in July.