Samsung Galaxy S8 Active – The phone every Case Hater should use!

By | September 1, 2017

The design of smartphones has been changing inevitably with each phone since the last few years. While most of the smartphones today come as black rectangles; the screen plays a major role along with the functionality, durability, and resistance. Most of the people today wake up with phones in their hands and go to sleep with phones in their hands which make them go rough on their phones at various situations in a day. This is why we as users were extremely drawn to the Nokia 3310; remember? A lump of plastic as it is, it was extremely hard. Well, Samsung has created a perfect equivalent of that phone only in smart phone version with the new Galaxy S8.

S8 Active


The Samsung Galaxy S8 Active is the phone that you’re going to hear less with other phones like the Galaxy Note 8, the S8 Regular, the Pixel XL and the iPhone 8 stealing the lime light. However, the S8 active has everything that a great phone has, putting it at the top of all other babies. When you’re carrying an S8 Active you can be so sure that dropping it is not going to be the biggest mistake that you make. It has been specified to withstand the casual drops even from five feet except on a nail bed and it has been proved few times. That being said, if you’re one of those people who hate to carry a case, this phone is for you.