Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to feature Flexible display and Metal build


Rumors regarding the upcoming Samsung devices are very common and especially in the case of Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The latest rumor regarding Note 4 is that it is going to feature the flexible display and also it is going to feature metal build for the “premium  version” of the device. Some of the industry insiders are saying that the Samsung engineers are currently working on metal build and figuring out which metal to use in the Note 4 premium version.

The rumors regarding the premium version of Galaxy S5 is still to materialize and the pockets of the consumers will always be displeased with the quality of Samsung smartphones. Samsung is still interested in manufacturing the device to everyone, rather than for those who are ready to afford something extra.



The rumor also suggests that the Samsung is going to build Note 4 with the flexible display with the rumor that their display plant has increased the production to meet the increasing demand and the current production yields are very higher than before. Again a question rises here, whether Samsung would use the flexible display or not, as using the S-Pen on the curved display would be difficult task for the users.

With this it is very clear that the Korean giant is trying to offer something very new and different to the customers. Samsung is facing 24% fall in profits since 2013 and this experiments may increase the sales of the devices. But still Samsung is messing with tried and tested formula is something which the Samsung is understandably unwilling to do. Note 2 is one of the finest devices from Samsung which it ever made and no matter what they are going to do with Galaxy Note 4 is sure that they don’t want to mess things up.