Samsung enables Chinese Language to its Bixby Assistant in China


Samsung’s own Bixby Voice Assistant is one of the most popular Voice Assistant service for a smartphone. South Korean giant is currently expanding its services to various other non-Samsung devices as the competition is pretty high. The Voice Assistant has recently made available for the Tablet devices as well. Bixby only support a limited languages and now it started supporting the Chinese language as well. 

Yes, according to reports, South Korean giant has released an update to Bixby Assistant which now supports Chinese Language. This would be a whole new Chinese edition of the Bixby Assistant designed for the people of China and the ones who love to use this language.

The company has released its own artificial intelligence assistant, Bixby Assistant available in Beijing, China which would be widely available throughout the country. Being world’s most populated country, there are millions of users who use Samsung devices. And they have demanded the Chinese version of the Bixby a long ago which is finally making its way.

The company has announced that the Chinese version of its Bixby Assistant will be available for Samsungs Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note8 from November 30. The company will soon make it available to other Samsung based smartphones before the end of this year.

Bixby Voice Assistant is based upon Artificial Intelligence and it is one of the coolest voice assistant in the world which works for you for your daily and most common needs. Bixby offers different functions such as talking, seeing, recommending and reminding. You can ask Bixby anything and the same will be responded to you with proper solution. You can ask for your queries and get accurate answers.

The Bixby Voice Assistant works fluently and you can ask to Bixby for anything. You can ask simple questions to Bixby and this is how it will work for you. You can get all of your queries resolved. The Chinese version of the Bixby Voice assistant is very significant to the country as the assistant will get more millions of users.

Interestingly, Bixby Voice assistant not only work for the Samsung based applications, but it is widely available for the third party applications. The assistant is working well and it supports more than 18 popular Chinese language third party application. So you can make these third party apps work with the Bixby Assistant. Third party apps such as Baidu, Alipay, and iQiyi will support this Bixby Assistant in Chinese language.

Bixby Voice assistant can be launched with a couple of ways on your Samsung smartphones. Since, the latest high end smartphones i.e. Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+ and Galaxy Note 8 offer a dedicated Bixby Button, you can instantly launch or we can say open the Bixby assistant to your phone by pressing this button on your phone. It is located at the left side or right side of the phone. So just press the button and it will be launched on your phone. Or you can even open it by long pressing the Bixby home button on your device. You can also access the Bixby Assistant with the builtin Camera on the phone.

Since Samsung is expanding its Bixby Voice assistant service to non-Samsung devices, the upcoming Samsung devices will feature the the Bixby Voice assistant as it will come as a builtin Voice assistant on the phones just like Google Assistant on all the Android devices.

The Bixby Voice Assistant on Samsung devices is also available in English and South Korean languages and now the latest, Chinese language for the user’ demand. The company may release a couple of more languages to its Bixby Assistant on a later date.