Roku device gets Amazon app in UK

By | November 10, 2015


Roku becomes even more useful in UK. The media streaming service has announced that the company is adding Amazon app for its set-top boxes in UK. This new Amazon app will offer you more than 50,000 movies and TV shows that allows Roku users to buy or rent and stream videos of their choice instantly.

The people using Roku set-top box get access to all major UK channels like BBC iPlayer as well as some popular media streaming service s like Netflix, Now TV, Sky Store and Google Play Movies, but didn’t had access to Amazon video as of now. With the addition of Amazon app to Roku device, it has become UK’s most useful media streaming device.

This new Amazon app also gives user access to the Amazon’s Prime Video, which will offer you access to the online retailer’s Prime Service. This means if you have signed up for Amazon Prime, you’ll get access to its 15,000 strong lineup of instantly available videos.

With this new app, Roku is gearing up to give tough competition to Apple TV. The £129 Apple TV comes with a smooth touchpad remote, but don’t have Amazon app. As of now, Roku set-top box is one of the best media streaming streamers with rich content in UK.

Recently Roku has also launched Roku 4, which is one of the best 4K media streaming set-top box available. But this Ultra HD device from Roku is still exclusive to US. We can hope that this device gets launched in UK pretty soon.