Researchers find a 3D printing method with Glass



Mediated Matter Group of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has announced a new 3D printing method on this Friday, which will use transparent glass as precursor instead of plastic. This method is called 3DGP works similar to the traditional 3D printing, but researchers think that they can transform the light transmission, reflection qualities and reflection by specifically changing the thickness of the print.

This new 3D printing method is believed to be very precise and offer objects with different form, color and transparency. The product created by this printing method is beautiful and looks like it is created by any artists. This method can also be used for improving the optical fiber design and extend the fiber optics use by including fiber optics in building constructions.

This 3DGP method has a pair of heated chambers sitting on the top of one another; the 1900 degrees Fahrenheit upper chamber is used by printer to lay down particular layer of melted glass, which finally builds affine sculpture. This new 3D printer just don’t have to make simple structure like straight lines or cylinders, it create an amazing shape by drizzling the glass like honey.

Initially the glass looks red and hot, but after it gets cooled, the created objects become transparent. The final product created by using this method looks incredible and can be placed for display.

To watch the video of this amazing method Click here.