How to remove search and task view icons from Windows 10 taskbar


If you are using Microsoft’s recent version Windows 10 Technical Preview, then you might be aware of new Search and Task view icons which have been added to the Windows 10 taskbar. You can’t remove these two icons and there is no built-in option to remove or hide these two buttons from Windows 10 taskbar. You can also can’t change their positions as they are just stuck next to Start menu on Windows 10 taskbar.

Many of the users who are using Windows 10 technical preview have complained about these things as there are many shortcuts to use search app and we can always use WIN+TAB together to launch Task View feature. However, here is the tutorial which explains some registry tweaks to disable search and Task view icons on Windows 10 taskbar. 

Remove search and task view icons from Windows 10 taskbar

Remove search icon from Windows 10 taskbar

  • Launch RUN and type regedit and then press Enter. This action will open Registry Editor.
  • Now go to the following key
  • Create new key under Currentversion key and set it as Search and so the final key path would be
  • Now select search key and in the right side pane create new DWORD EnableProactive and set its value to 0.
  • Restart, log off or restart Explorer and it will take effect.

Remove task view icon from Windows 10 Taskbar

  •  Type regedit in RUN and then hit enter and it will open Registry Editor. 
  • Now go to following key
  • Create new key under Explorer and set its name to MultiTaskingView
  • Create another new key under MultiTaskingview key and set its name to AllUpView and so final key path would be like this
  • Now select AllUpView key in the right side pane and create new DWORD Enabled and set it to 0.
  • Restart the Explorer and the changes will take effect.