How to remove portrait mode effect from taken photos on iPhone 7 Plus in iOS 11


Apple had introduced the Portrait Mode in its Camera app in last year with the launch of its iPhone 7 Plus smartphone. Recently, the giant has announced its latest iOS 11 update for all the iOS devices. This update brings a lot of improvements with some additional functions to the app. This function is by default enabled with just one swipe on the display. This new Portrait Mode in the photography take sharp photos of the subject with blurry background. If you don’t want to use this Portrait Mode Effect within the Camera app, know how you can remove portrait mode effect in iOS 11 from here. 

This feature will only work for the photos taken by your iOS device which is running on iOS 11 or above. If you have taken the photos with older iOS version and then upgraded it to iOS 11, you will not be able to remove Portrait Mode effect on those previously taken photos. So, this thing you should need to know before actually removing the portrait mode effect on the iOS device running on iOS 11 or above.

How to remove depth effect from Portrait mode photos

Step 1 :

First, you have to launch the Photos application on your iOS smartphone which is running on an iOS 11 or above version.

Step 2 :

Tap on the image from the Photos gallery from which you want to remove the Portrait Mode Effect.

Step 3 :

If the photo was taken with this Portrait Mode effect, you can see the “DEPTH EFFECT” caption at the upper right corner of the photo.

Step 4 :

Once you notice that, tap on to Edit button.

Step 5 :

Once you tap on to Edit button, you would see Depth label above the photo.

Step 6 :

To remove this feature, you just need to tap on to the Depth button on the photo.

Step 7 :

You would instantly see the changes once you hit the Depth button in yellow color given above the photo which is being edited by you to remove the Portrait Mode effect on the photos.

This is how you can actually remove the portrait mode effect from the photos taken by your iOS 11 device. Apart from this, the new update brings a lot of additional improvements to the device while taking the photographs. With additional improvements, you can take portraits with optical image stabilization for even more sharper photos within the Camera pp.

The camera app with the Portrait Mode now offers HDR imaging as well which is High Dynamic Range for detailed picture quality offering the effect of a real DSLR. For developers, the Depth Map API now allows you to create custom depth filters to use it while taking photographs within the Camera app.

Note : All the Portrait Photos taken by this mode auto-saved in a separate folder within the albums of the Photos app. Within the Albums, tap on the Depth Effect album. From here, you can edit all the photographs taken with the Portrait Mode of the Camera pp.

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