Rapids: A New Chat Style Reading App for Kids by Amazon

By | November 2, 2016

Children now days know more about gadgets and technology than any of us. They are so much used to the latest smartphone and tablets that it is hard to take these gadgets away from them. But, what if we tell you that the smartphone or tablet can help your child learn. “Rapids”, is a new application developed by Amazon that makes use of special chat style to help your child enjoy reading.

Rapids basically focuses on children from age 7 to 12. However, there are many applications that one can find on the app store that are based on fairy tales and storybooks. Also, Kindle for Kids is already there, still Michael Robinson, the person who headed this project, found his kids chatting and texting with their family and friends.

Rapids offers a lot of stories coming from humour, adventure, fantasy, science fiction etc. genres. But the best part is, these stories contain text message dialogues by various characters of the story, and the small readers can interact by clicking on the next chat bubble on the screen in order to progress in the story.

In addition to that, Rapids will also help your kids to learn speak hard words. This feature is extremely useful when the parents are not around. It is expected that this feature will boost child’s confidence and will help him or her learn faster. The child also has the option to add any word to the personal glossary in order to look it up again in future.

That is not all. Since, the app is designed for educational purpose, the chat bubbles will also ask question to your kids, which will make them think about the concept and help them understand things better. Some of these questions are also humorous, as a that is what kids of that age are looking for.

There are hundreds of short stories that one can get it from the app database. Also, the company is planning to add dozens more every month. The main idea behind it is to keep the kids engaged, entertained and interested till the end.


But what if the kid is not able to read and requires an adult to read out the story for him or her. Well, there is a solution to this problem as well. There is a feature called “Read to me” in the app that makes a robotic voice read the entire story to the child.

Robinson said, “He’s reading and he’s learning at the same time and all the research says it’s great to read to your kids anyway and so it’s reading to him, he’s reading at the same time and it’s a great experience.”

The main motive behind the idea is to help the kids learn in a more interactive manner. A manner which is natural as well as helps them builds their confidence and learn. And what could be better than a short story for this.

The user gets unlimited stories just for $2.99 per month. There is a trial of two weeks and you can download the app on your Fire, Android as well as iOS devices from respective app stores.

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