PUBG for PS4 Release Date


PUBG is a short form of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds which is an online multiplayer battle game available for various gaming consoles. The game is amazingly popular which offers great action packed user interface with a lot of tweaks to play it with even more better way. You can bring down the real battle world by playing this game on a respective console. If you’ve been using Sony’s PlayStation 4, see more details about the release date of this game and more for it. 

The most recent update for PUBG game is heading towards the Xbox One console after its PC version. After releasing the Xbox One edition, every Sony users started expecting the same for their Play Station 4 console. Unfortunately, the game will not be released for the PS4 console as of this moment.

Microsoft have reportedly been in talks with the developers to make this game available for more time for the Xbox One console. The game has been released and will be available for Xbox One console from next month so all the users of this console are very excited to test out this game to bring the best of action packed environment nearby.

In a nutshell, PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds game will be available to play on PC and Xbox One consoles for this year, however the number of its platforms will be changed and they may add some more platforms in the coming days. Hopefully, we would see the same update for other consoles in the first quarter of the next year.

There are reports which claim that the PUBG game is coming to the Play Station 4 consoles, however there is not a single update available on this and we don’t really know about the future planning of the publishers of this particular PUBG game and its expansions for other consoles.

Some Chinese reports have reported that, the game’s mobile version brings a lot of new things and offers kind of the same features like the original PUBG game for PC. So more people will start playing this game on their respective smartphones and can test out the actual gameplay of the real PUBG game. The mobile version of this game will be released exclusively in Mainland, China and there is no any information on the availability of this game for other countries as of now.

Bluehole Inc, the developers of PUBG game has also announced that they would love to bring the game to as many platforms as they can in the future. So we would definitely get to see this game for the PS4 console, but again there is no any confirmation on this as of now.

Microsoft is reportedly planning to strike with the developers of PUBG to come up with a new version exclusively for the Xbox One consoles. So there is a gap between the release of this game for PS4 console and we may not get to see this game earlier for the Sony’s PlayStation 4 console.

As per various sources, Microsoft is making deals with the developers of this game to extend its PUBG exclusivity deal so all the Xbox One users can easily get this edition of the game. As per the sources, the game’s availability for Xbox One will be exclusive till the mid next year and hence we might not want to see the same game for other consoles as of now.

What’s your take on this guys? Did you find it a reasonable reason not to launch this game for the PS4? Do share your thoughts and opinions about this in front of us. Meanwhile, if you have anything to ask, let us know in the comments section given below this post. You can even share your feedbacks as well.