How to prevent or disable DS_Store file creation on Mac


If you are a Mac user, then you might have noticed .DS_Store files which the Mac OS virtually attach to all the files and folders on your system. This is nothing but Desktop Service Store. These files are created by the Finder for each folder that contain metadata. If you want to disable your Mac from creating such files, you can disable this easily from the system itself. 

The files with DS_Store are hidden on your system and only Finder can understand it to work with the folders and other files which are stored on your system. There is no way to stop your Mac OS from creating such files by default and to disable this feature, there is a quick and easy process which you need to do in order to disable DS_Store file creation on a Mac system.

Thankfully, you can disable this program from your Mac by simply entering a command within the Mac’s terminal. Following we are guiding you on how you can disable DS_Store file creation on Mac.

How to disable DS_Store file creation on Mac

Step 1 :

First, go to the Applications on your Mac system and launch the Terminal of your system. You will see Terminal within the Utilities folder from the Applications on your Mac system.

Step 2 :

Once the Terminal window appears on your Mac’s screen, kindly enter the following command there.

“defaults write DSDontWriteNetworkStores true”

Step 3 :

Now, to make this command work on a respective Mac system, you are requested to Reboot your system for once to make this work on your system.

You’re done! By now, your system will not create ny DS_Store files on various folders and files on the Mac. This command will only work for a single account on which you have executed it. If you have multiple accounts and want to do the same on all the accounts, just follow the same process on each account to disable DS_Store file creation.

Now, if for some reason, if you want to enable this feature on your Mac system, you just need to enter one more command in the Terminal window of your Mac system. Just follow the same steps mentioned above to launch the Terminal Window on your Mac system. Once you see the Terminal Window on your Mac, just put the following command and hit the Enter button right there.

“defaults write DSDontWriteNetworkStores false”

To start this command taking place on your system, you need to reboot your system for once.

This is how you can enable DS_Store file creation on a respective Mac system. Note that, the above commands are tested on all types of Mac OSs and it is working perfectly fine on all the versions of Mac such as Mac OS X, from OS X El Capitan, OS X Mavericks to Mac OS X Snow Leopard. So you can follow these steps on your Mac OS X to get rid of this unwanted file creation process easily.

If you have any queries or have any questions to ask regarding this, feel free to drop us in the comments section given below this post. For more such updates, stay tuned with us!