Pplkpr – A fun friendship manager app


App market these days are flooded with apps to track sleep, fitness, heart rate, temperature etc., but is it possible to track your emotions with friends? Lauren McCathy and Kyle Donald have made it possible with their new app, Pplkpr. It is a friendship manager app that lets you track of your friends and know how you feel about them.

app to rank relationship

The pplkpr app pronounced as ‘people keeper’ makes use of the biometric data collected from the wrist band that measures heartbeat. It can also use other Bluetooth device that can transmit heart rate in real time. The app uses the data collected to determine the value of your relationship and weed out toxic companions. Based on the algorithm, the app ranks people according to how happy, anxious or angry they make you. It can automatically text, tweet people it thinks you should hang out more with that person. It is currently available for iOS as free app.


Trial run for a week on a group of students at Carnegie Mellon University has resulted in students being impressed and excited about the app and its uses.

The pplkpr app clearly depicts the current trend in relationships among young folks. The communication has become effortless through social media and other new technologies that the social circle had widened making it overwhelming to attend to every relationship. This app comes handy and offers solution for managing the ’emotional bandwidth’ optimizing your time and the people whom to spend time with.

friendship manager app

The app works even if you does not want to wear the band. The app can certainly not interpret feelings automatically but it requires to be updated with moments when felt scared or happy or bored with a person. The app tracks emotion pattern over time and eventually conveys the kind of vibes that person give out. This app seems to be benefitting for autistic people who have tough time deciphering their reactions in social situations.

Though the app is meant to do good, there is potential to do harm too with the data collected. Despite of ensuring privacy, there are chances of these private data reaching the hands of a third person. For instance, the third person could be a marketer, who may use this valuable data for marketing purpose.

Also, pplkpr app is not so unique for psychologists have already used biofeedback method ages ago to control ones emotions and anxiety. Criticisms have raised that the data could lead to unnatural fixations and can affect individual’s metabolism.

Pplkpr app could be categorized under the fun app than to be categorized under useful for there are not many people who would shed money to get a heartbeat monitor to weed out ‘bad’ people in their lives. Using it on daily/regular basis seems unlikely in the practical aspect.