Postcards for Windows Phone, randomized photo sharing network


Postcard is very simple photo sharing app which let you to share your photos to the random users worldwide. With very simple interface it only reveals details of city where the photo was taken and any comments you add to the photo. All you need to do is click and send the photo and it is sent to the random person anywhere in the world and you will get back one in return.

All the postcards you have sent are deleted as soon as they have seen. Everything is kept anonymous, only the photo and the city where it is taken are shared, so nothing to worry. When you launch the post cards for the first time then you need to crate the membership for free.


Below are the list of Postcard pages

  • Page that lists any received postcards
  • Page that list any comments posted about the postcards you have sent
  • Map view with pins on where you have received postcards from
  • Options page where you can view postcards you have tagged as favorites, logout of your account and view an About page

The internal camera app with postcards has the shutter buttons and the flash control at the top of the screen. After capturing the image, text box will appear already labeled with ¬†your current location. To receive the postcard, you need to send the postcard. To send just tap on “send te postcard” button bar on the postcard comments page.

If everything is fine, then just right tap and send and you postcard will be delivered to the random postcards member. After sending the postcard, you will also receive the postcard from the random member. When you receive any postcard, options will be available to the tag the image as your favorite, reply/comment on it or you can also report it as appropriate.

Download Postcards for Windows Phone