Porsche Mission E Electric Car arrives in 2019


Frankfurt Motor Show is currently going on and we have some spectacular futuristic cars from the Automotive giants around the world. Porsche has showcased its very first fully Electric car in the FMS. The all new Porsche Mission E Electric car unveiled in the show and we have some official information regarding this new electric car which is going to hit the roads at the end of 2019.

Since technology is changing everything around us, the future looks very bright with new innovations in all the field with the help of technologies. Talking about the Automobiles industry, almost all the giants are currently testing out their hybrid cars and electric cars to build the future of Automobiles industry without any additional fuels to use.

Recently, BMW has also showcased its new Zippy i Vision Dynamics studded with new features. Nissan has also unveiled its new Nissan Leaf 2018 Electric car which could be launched anytime by now. With respect to the current competitive world of hybrid and electric cars, Porsche has also unveiled its new Electric car in the market.

The pricing for this new generation Porsche Mission E Electric Car is somewhere around $80,000- $85,000. Previously, the company had just revealed that they will bring the new Electric Cars in the market by the end of 2020, however the company has already showcased the car’s model in the recent Frankfurt Motor Show which hints that the car is going to soon be available in the real world.

According to some reports, the original Mission E Electric Car was revealed in the year 2015 during the event. Interestingly, the same car is currently in its final stage of development. The car looks absolutely stunning and can be placed between the Panamera and the 911 editions of the company.

The company may soon announce the dates for this car for testing purposes, they may invite a few drivers to test out the car before actually launching it for public in the market. Talking about its design, Porsche has added its traditional sports look to the new Electric car which has four doors.

Since, the giant has not revealed anything more about this new concept Electric car, we are not sure about its actual specifications. However, during the event the company had shared a few things that they might bring to this car. As per the statements, the new Porsche Mission E Electric car will be powered by 600bhp motor. It will give 0-60 mph in under 3.5 seconds. It will go upto 155 mph top speed.

Porsche Mission E Electric Car is fully electric car which will give you 300 miles journey on a single charge of the battery. The new generation Electric car would also feature 350kW fast-charging so you can recharge the battery with less time.

Porsche will bring latest technology features to this new Electric car which will give you a bunch of super exciting latest technology features for everyone who will ever buy this car. The car will be studded with different software to work automatically and the interesting part about this is the giant will roll out the updates Over the Air so you don’t have to manually update the software on this car.

Apart from the software functionality, the main display on the board will move accordingly. So if drive moves left or right, the display shows the same things with clear view. It will also feature built-in eye tracking technology. This feature will allows drivers to use settings menu using their eyes. This technology will impress you all at a first glance. The camera will detect the movements of eyes and it will work accordingly. Additionally, the new car will not have any exterior mirrors but the cameras. Yes, the new Mission E Electric Car will feature cameras all the sides making it more advanced car for the future.