Porsche launches on-demand car subscription service


Porsche is stepping ahead with a new subscription service for all the customers. As per this service, you have to pay $2000 every month and you will get access to to a number of their sports cars and SUVs. If you love Porsche’s SUVs and other premium cars but couldn’t afford one to own, just subscribe for this service and you will be able to use a variety of cars from Porsche.

This is also known as on-demand service which is specially designed for the Porsche lovers. This program is called as Passport Subscription which is now available in Atlanta. You can subscribe for this service by paying $2000 monthly rentals. There will be total eight models of Porsche available with this subscription including 718 Boxster, Cayenne and Cayman S.

Furthermore, you can even get access to all 22 cars of Porsche as well. In order to get access of all the 22 premium cars of Porsche, you will have to subscribe for a different plan which will cost you $3000 per month. This plan will also give you access of  911 Carrera S and Panamera 4S cars. Since people can’t afford such super premium cars, these plans can get them what they are desiring.

Porsche has included everything with this subscription service. If you sign up for the plan, it will cover tax, registration, insurance, maintenance and detailing fees as well. Additionally, you will be asked to pay $500 additionally as an activation fee for the new users. This is one time fee which you have to pay before subscribing for any plans.

Since this Porsche Car Subscription service is available only in Atlanta for now, people who live in Atlanta can sign up for this program and they can get their selected vehicle delivered at their doorstep. The service will be fully available from the November month. You can even exchange the car using the Passport app from the mobile device. Just give the existing Porsche which you have ordered and then you will get the new one using this app.

If we talk about the future of Automobiles industry, Porsche has recently unveiled its new Porsche Mission E Electric Car  which is going to arrive in the year 2019. BMW is also working on a new electric concept car named Zippy i Vision Dynamics which is also coming in the next year.

Furthermore, Automakers are anxiously waiting for such plans to offer to all the consumers who can not afford a premium car but they love to drive them for a limited period of time. This subscription service will definitely set new benchmarks in the industry so people can easily drive their desired cars.

Currently, Porsche is looking for feedbacks from the customers in Atlanta. They will soon expand this service to other locations after receiving feedbacks. They will improve this service in the coming days by adding more cars and launching new subscription plans for different types of users and their demands. There will be some limitations with every subscription plan and everything will be revealed in the coming November month when the service is finally available in the market for the local people.

Since the competition in Automobiles industry is extremely high, people are looking for the best services from different giants. We would get to see some other giants to come up with their own subscription services so more people can use their cars and this way they can come up with new market strategies and business plans for the future generation.

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