Popcorn Time and ShowBox – Are they Safe to Use for Watching Movies and TV Shows?

By | August 11, 2017

Nowadays, everyone uses a smartphone to get many of their routine things done. As soon as you have a smartphone, you don’t anyone to stay by your side or you don’t even need a companion to spend your time with. You can watch your favourite movies, music videos and other popular TV Shows within your phones by using different types of apps. Popcorn Time and ShowBox are the most popular entertainment app available for Android platform to watch movies and TV Shows. The users of these apps are in millions as both these apps serve an interesting User Interface for everyone to spend hours of their time. If you’ve been using these apps for a long time and confused about whether they are safe to use, we are here with a solution to your query. 

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If you love to watch Movies and Popular TV Shows, Netflix is the best option you have. However, it requires a subscription and you have to pay subscription fees in order to watch your favourite TV Channels. Although people are always looking for something free when it comes to entertainment. The world has becoming more advance and with this, we have plenty of advance apps and games available to explore the world well on the smartphone.

Android and iOS platforms offer a variety of free apps for various things. There are hundreds of exciting entertainment apps available with which you can spend a whole day of yours by exploring a wide range of movies, videos and entertainment stuffs. Fortunately, these apps regularly update and you will be served with new movies and other popular videos for absolutely free. All these apps require is a a good high speed Internet connection to stream out the selected items online.

ShowBox App :

ShowBox is one of the best online streaming app which is specially designed for the Android users. The app has a massive number of its users around the globe who are watching their favourite movies and other videos through this app for absolutely free. Since, the app has some legal content issues, it is not officially available on the Play Store and hence you have to go with the third party source in order to download this app. You can search for the ShowBox apk on Google and can get the latest version of this app downloaded through its APK file. After this, you can easily install it on a respective Android based device to run it smoothly on the device.

At presently, the ShowBox app is available and compatible with Kindle Fire, BlackBerry, Windows and Mac systems. So, you can install and can make use of this app on almost all devices that you have. ShowBox app serves a decent User Interface with which you can easily explore a whole new world of entertainment. The app offers special categories for movies, tv shows, videos, library, updates and more. You can get regular updates of new movies and videos from the app. You can even search for your favourite movie within the search option. This is not just done, you can even download the selected item and can watch it in full HD quality.

Popcorn Time :

Popcorn Time is just like the ShowBox app which is available for Android as well iOS. So, both the platforms users are now compatible to use this Popcorn Time app. The app is officially available on iTunes or AppStore for iOS users and for Android users, you have to go with the third party sources to get this app installed on a respective Android smartphone.

Popcorn Time also serve a decent user interface for everyone. You don’t have to be a skilful person in order to use this app. Just install this app and you will be able to see the latest movies and other thumbnails on the front page. You will be able to customize a variety of things within the app. You can search for your items or can visit a particular category within this app. So Popcorn app is also a popular one app.

Are these apps safe for Watching Movies and TC Shows?

If you have been using these apps for a long time or you have just started using them on your newly bought smartphone, you have to be aware about everything related to these apps first. Since the apps are not officially available, there are some issues with the use of these apps on your phone. The apps are linking non-copyrighted content which are serving the piracies. So, if you watch movies or videos or download them, you can be caught with copyrighted issues. That’s the only thing you will notice in order to use these apps. Otherwise, these apps are 100% useful and gives you the best of showtime whenever you want, wherever you go!

Disclaimer : Popcorn Time and ShowBox applications using non-copyrighted content of movies. videos and TV Shows and allow them to even download which is not a legal way. Be aware about that as it might get you in big legal trouble as the contents are not legal and officially copied from other websites by providing you direct links. We are here just to spread the news and to make you all aware. We are not responsible for anything, so make up your mind before start using these apps.