POP messenger for Windows Phone let you chat with pictures


POP messenger is the new kind of messaging app for Windows Phone, which has been developed by Pinger, the company which has developed other apps like Doodle Buddy and GIF Chat. This app lets you to easily create and send the customized visual text messages. All you need to do is just pick a font, change the background color and sens the POP message to a friend.


You can also chat using the pictures from the web, camera, camera roll or any background color. Move and size the text to anywhere on the screen and choose from the variety of colors and fonts. Here are the features and what you can all do with t he POP messenger app.

  • Chat with Pictures : POP messenger makes it very easy to chat with the images taken from your camera or from camera roll, or from the web using the POP’s instant web search.
  • Move, scale and Rotate text on screen : Quickly customize your text by moving, twisting or sizing the text on the top and pick the background of your choice , whether it may be a photo or image.
  • Search the web for background images: Easily pop in the background image from the web with the instant on screen search because Bing comes built-in.
  • Fast and Easy to text : Traditional texting is very and can typed easily. POP is so perceptive and it allows for infinite customization at the speed of texting.
  • Custom background colors : If you don’t want to use the image in your message, then use the on screen color picker to choose the background color and your favorite font.
  • Full screen texting : Features bigger and better conversation view which is a stream of beautiful edge-to-edge images with the text on top.

POP messenger is not available outside United States for now. When you are not connected to Wi-Fi, it uses your data plan.

Download POP Messenger for Windows Phone