Pokémon Sword and Shield Release Date and Pre-Order Details

By | October 11, 2019

Pokemon is by far the most popular and addictive AR-based game in the industry. The game has been receiving regular updates with new editions to make their fanboys stick to it. Now, all the fanboys are waiting for Pokemon’s new edition i.e. Pokemon Sword and Shield. Here, we have provided all the details about the launch date and its pre-order details. Keep on reading!

Pokemon Sword and Shield: Official Release Date

The Pokemon Sword and Shield is set to arrive on the coming November 15th for Nintendo Switch. It’s a new adventure packed edition with a lot of exciting things and a whole new gameplay for the users.

The new edition will bring two different versions of the game i.e. Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. The games will be introducing the new generation of the game with a brand new gameplay.

The Pokemon Sword and Shield will be set in the new Galar Region. This new region will bring many new creatures to start the game with. The new game will let you start the game with three new Pokemons named Pokémon, Scorbunny, Sobble, and Grookey.

Apart from this, the game will bring a new mechanics called Dynamaxing to the gameplay. People have been eyeing on this new edition to bring the best of Pokemon experience to their respective Nintendo Switch consoles.

The expectations of the fans are very high from this game as they have been waiting for the same edition for a long time. The game is officially coming to Nintendo Switch first on the next month. However, we will expect it to arrive on other platforms as well.

Pokemon Sword and Shield: Pre-order Details

If you are eagerly waiting for this game, then you can pre-order it right now. The game will be available to purchase from many platforms. You can easily grab it from amazon as well.