Pocket-Read it later app adds new ‘recommendation’ feature


Pocket app is one of the most popular and reliable ways to save articles, videos and a lot more of online content. This app is useful for everybody, if anyone likes an article or video, he/she can save it into pocket for future reference. By far this is the best app considered by the users.

Pocket’s main motive is to make it more facile for everybody to save and enjoy the content they love, no matter where they travel. Pocket has helped many people with this unique app and now it is coming up with an update adding a new feature called ‘recommendation’ which helps the users to find what they want to read next.

The updated Pocket 6.0 app has added a new tab at the top that will barter between the saved articles and a constant flow of recommended articles and videos that can be saved for offline reading simultaneously. This feature flees live today in an app update athwart iOS and Android and updated with recommendation feature on the company’s website.

Pocket’s ‘Recommendation’ Feature

The new ‘recommendation’ feature offers articles based on the popular articles saved by a lot of people to Pocket and later it is custom-made according to the things that you’ve saved in the past. For instance, the app suggested “too much exposed on Amazon’s work culture” by New York Times because an article on Harvard business review story about how long work hours backfire for companies was already saved to pocket.

Pocket is trying to standalone from other apps by introducing this new ‘recommendation’ feature. Though there are quite a lot of apps which offer similar things like Instapaper letting you to save articles for offline reading and had a curation feature similar to the recently introduced recommendation feature in the Pocket app.

Even Facebook’s app allows you to save news stories and very soon Apple is going to launch a news app that lets you save articles into Safari in Mac OS X and iOS as well.