PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds takes the thunder from Dota 2


The PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds are selling really well given the early access, but it has crossed the milestone recently. Yesterday, the game has overtaken the sales of Dota 2, the game that had the most players on the Steam where around 877,844 people were fighting, simultaneously. Yes, it has become even more predominant than the popular title that Steam has ever produced. However, it was only a short victory but the crew of PlayerUnknown has been extremely happy as it broke the 500,000 record, weeks before.

Even when it’s at its peak number, the game isn’t the popular if we look through the years. It was in 2014, the Riot Games had around 7.5 million users playing the League of Legends, at once. No matter how many numbers appear daily, this isn’t going to be crossed soon. The game has an easy grasping concept, making it more accessible than the Dota 2. The game is tailor made for the streamers and one can get competitive while playing this game. The game has been the second popular game on the Twitch, after the above mentioned League of Legends. The game has been ahead of the Dota 2, also of now and more people are now getting into PUBG.