How to Play Nintendo games on iOS 8



I have spent my childhood playing Nindendo games like Mario, Contra, Tekken and more and still whenever I see or read anything related to it I start feeling nostalgic. I hope you people also had the same childhood.  While Apple App Store guidelines won’t let you install emulators to play these games, there’s a few dedicated developers working hard nonetheless to make it possible. Below I’ll show you how to install an emulator without the need to Jailbreak, the only drawback is it won’t work on the latest iOS version: iOS 8.1.

So if you haven’t updated your device to latest iOS 8.1 then easily can follow the steps mentioned below.

How to Play Nintendo games on iOS 8

  1. Open Safari Browser on your iPhone running iOS but not iOS 8.1
  2. Now go to,
  3. Now you need to tap on Apps.
  4. Scroll down and Tap on MeSNEmu (Emulator for iOS)
  5. Tap on Install.
  6. As you tap on install to get the MeSNEmu, it will give an error, keep tapping on install button and try it for 4-5 times.
  7. Hit the home button then go into the Settings app and Tap on General.
  8. Scroll Down and tap on Date and Time and turn off Auto Update and change the date to 3-6 months back or else you can choose year also.
  9. Now try to install MeSNEmu, this time I hope you will get succeed to install the emulator.
  10. Once after installing the emulator, change the Date and Time Settings to Automatic.
  11. Your emulator is now installed. To play games you’ll have to search for a ROM in Safari and download it. After it downloads you’ll need to click on Open in “MeSNEmu”.

That’s it, you have successfully installed emulator to play Nintendo games on iOS 8