Plants vs Zombies 2 update brings new levels and medieval threats


Plants vs Zombies 2 has received the second Dark Ages update for Android platform and this update has brought medieval-themed content for the mobile gamers who are looking to absorb hot zombie on plant tower defense action. This update also has brought the ten new levels along with multiple plant and zombie units.

Plants vs Zombies part 2 introduced the several gameplay altering enemies and the wizard zombie can use the magic to turn the players powerful plants into non-aggressive sheep. The king Zombies in the part 2 won’t march towards the defensive garden like other antagonists, but sit in a place and knighting the regular old alive and turn them into the powerful adversaries.

In part 2 there are the new plant players which can be used to counter the threats posed by zombies. The magnet-shroom can strip the helmets off from the knight zombies and turn them into the less threatening peasants. Then plants can fight back with the pea-nut and an unit packing both the defensive and offensive power.

The expansion with the new update contains the more challenges that just the things mentioned above and includes an new endless mode for the people who just want to test their skills. This new stuff may not attract the new players, but at least it will keep the existing players happy and occupied.

The first part of this update has arrived in June with some new content and this new update finishes the new medieval setting with the lots of new stuff. Dark Ages Part 2 comes with the 2 new plants, 10 new levels , wizard zombie and king zombie (that is the king who happens to be zombie , not the king of the zombies) and the new boss zombie of some sort.

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