Pixel Buds to get new Gestures with future update


Google launched their first earphones with Pixel Buds which are basically wireless Bluetooth earphones designed for the new Pixel Phones. Being a Google product, the Pixel Buds are not doing well in the market as they are released with an unpolished version. It seems like the giant is working for a new update which will bring more functionality to the Pixel Buds. The company may add new gestures at control side of the Pixel Buds in the coming days. 

The giant is still working for the best of User Interface through the Pixel Buds to its millions of users. In the latest version of the Google’s updated App, many tech blogs including 9to5Google has discovered a couple of new features for Pixel Buds. According to their post, the giant is still worrying about increasing the UI with new features for the Pixel Buds.

They have tear down the APK file of the new upcoming Google App. The app is currently in its beta mode and they have tear it down to see what could be there inside the upcoming Google App update. In the tear down of the APK, they have found codes of double and triple tap features which are basically the control features for the Pixel Buds.

According to this new gesture features, when you double tap at the right side, it will list down all the features of the assistant at you, during speaking, you will be able to pause the assistant as well. Apart from this, while you are listening to your favourite music, you can simply skip the song with the use of gesture. This will improve the overall functionality of the Earbuds, especially if you are a music freak who love to listening to different types of music through their smartphones.

Moving on to the other feature, the Triple tap gesture will let you turn off the earbuds. Apart from this, in order to turn off the earbuds, you just simply need to remove the right earbud from your ear and the earbuds will itself turn off.

When you remove the right earbud from the ear, with the use of smart detection feature, the Earbuds will turn off. This feature is also found present in the new app update’s tear down. Apparently, the giant is pushing these two to three new gesture control features for the users of Pixel Buds so that they can easily take control of their Earbuds while listening to music or whenever they want to turn them off.

Currently, there is only one way to turn the Earbuds off and that is by putting them back into their charging case. Many of the Earbuds users have found this an annoying thing as they don’t want to put them back again and again. Well, the new update will resolve this issue with more simpler way just by removing the right earbud from the ear.

Sadly, there is no any specific release date announced by the giant regarding this app update as of now. However, we hope to see a new app update in the coming weeks by the giant for all the Android users, particularly the update will bring more happiness for the Pixel Buds users.