Picture-in-Picture supports for Video Calls now available on WhatsApp

By | September 10, 2017

WhatsApp is world’s most popular and the best Instant Messaging apps available for all the platforms including its web version. The app has been testing by the developers to its beta channel. The giant was testing out a couple of new features to add to the original WhatsApp Messenger app. Now, a new update of the WhatsApp Messenger has brought Picture-in-picture feature while video calling. Yes, you can now, minimize the video call screen and can steel chat within the WhatsApp application. 

Apart from this picture-in-picture feature, the giant has also added text only status feature so you can actually get rid of the messy status update screen on an upgraded WhatsApp Messenger application. Recently, Facebook has announced that they will redesign a whole new WhatsApp Enterprise edition specially for small firms to expand their Business via WhatsApp. The giant aims to provide this new edition of WhatsApp Messenger as a premium version and to make use of it, you have to pay a few bucks or they may introduce a subscription fees option to subscribe for additional features to use for your Business.

If you are wondering about the new features that pushed into this update, you can check them out from here.

What’s new in the new WhatsApp update?

Post text-only status to your profile which will be visible for 24 hours. In order to make use of this new feature, you just need to tap on to the edit button within the status bar, you would be asked to enter your text here and then you can pick up the colorful background for your status. This way you can see the text only status with a colorful background to your WhatsApp application.

Picture-in-picture feature feature allows you to minimize the Window. Just tap the back button and the video call screen will be seen at the bottom of the display just like the original YouTube application. This feature will be compatible for the devices running on Android 8.0+. This feature is specially designed for the Oreo users which Android has recently announced.

Apart from this, text only status feature will also allows you to add URLs as a status. This way you can put your own website or referral links on your status bar which will be appeared for 24 hours. This will be helpful for those who have their own website. People cain then get to know about your website by clicking on to the URL from the status window. Yes, the URL which you put in the status bar will be clickable by the users.

The new WhatsApp Messenger’s update has been rolled out officially. You can update this app from the official Play Store’s page or you can even download its APK file as well. If you are looking for an official upgrade option, you can head over to the following link and can update this application to its new version.

Upgrade WhatsApp Messenger from Play Store

If you are familiar with Android smartphone, you can go to the Play Store’s app and select My Apps and Games section from the Settings menu. Here you could see WhatsApp’s update. Just tap on to the update button and you will be able to update your WhatsApp Messenger from there.