Picture-in-Picture Feature is now available on Whatsapp Web

By | January 28, 2019

WhatsApp has been introducing new features for its billion of users around the globe. The messaging giant has introduced its Picture-in-Picture for Web version last month for the global audience. However, this feature was limited to shared videos only. Well, we have good news here. WhatsApp has just updated their web-version and it now supports Picture-in-Picture feature for all the files and videos just like its mobile version.

Everyone loved the Picture-in-Picture feature on mobile devices. The feature lets you use the WhatsApp while the Video or voice call is on. The same feature lets you watch a YouTube video within the Chat section and allows you to make chat while watching a video. Well, the same PiP feature is now available for web users as well.

According to a new update, WhatsApp’s new Picture-in-Picture mode now supports Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other streamable links. Web-users of WhatsApp now can stream video links shared on the platform.

This new feature comes with the new updated WhatsApp version number Web 0.3.2041. You don’t need to do anything to get this feature, whenever you launch WhatsApp web on your PC system, the new update will be updated automatically and you will be able to make use of this Picture-in-Picture feature on your PC.

First reported on WABetaInfo, the Picture-in-Picture mode has now reached globally and the update is now available for everyone in the world. Users don’t need to update their WhatsApp web app manually, the new update will be done automatically.

Whenever a user launches the Web version of WhatsApp, the app will recognize your account and checks for the new update. If there are any updates available, it will be done itself. To check if your web version is updated to the newer version, head over to the WhatsApp Web and select Settings option. Click Help option and you will be able to see the details of the current WhatsApp version.

If you are unable to see the latest version, make sure to clear the cache and history saved on the older version. Once done, try to relaunch the web version on your PC. Your WhatsApp web version should be updated to a newer version and you can double check it by visiting the Settings menu on WhatsApp web.

How to check this feature? 

If you are curious to use this Picture-in-Picture mode on your WhatsApp web version, try sending out a Video link from any of the above-listed websites in a Chat. You will see a floating box of that particular video within the Chat history. Just hover over your mouse cursor on the video thumbnail and click the Play button. The video should start playing within the Chat section.

WhatsApp is sending out this new Picture-in-Picture feature for web users in batches. It will take some time to reach out to your computer. Make sure you always check for the latest update on the web version. Once the feature is enabled, the video should play alone while you can explore other parts of WhatsApp. You don’t need to close the video. It’s a very useful update which every web users of WhatsApp will like.

Do let us know your thoughts on this? Did you get this update already?