Photoshop for Mac? Our List of Top 10 Free Alternates


Photography is one of the most loved profession in the world and more and more people are now converting their profession with photography. If you have also decided to go with Photography as your career, then here we are with the best Photoshop Alternatives for your Mac systems. If you’ve been using a good DSLR camera and a Mac system, the following list of the best Photoshop Alternatives will add more power to your profession.

The world’s becoming more advanced with the use of new technology and its related devices. With this, there are a number of new photography tools available in the market. There are hundreds of choices available for you if you are going to purchase a new DSLR camera to start your Photography career with. Or if you are just a casual DSLR user, you can still add some spice to your Photos by editing them.

Demands in Photography career is high and for that, people are getting more exciting towards this. They join tuition classes and watch plenty of tutorials for the same. But if you don’t have proper Photo editing Software, you will not be get the desired photos. So we request you to kindly use a proper Photo editing software for the same. If you don’t like the Photoshop or just want to try out a new software, the following list will help you out with more options to choose from.

Photoshop Alternates for macOS

1. Photos for macOS

Photos is one of the most advanced Photography tool which has been upgraded with tons of new features to organize and manage all your photos. The app now supports a variety of Photo editing tools which are builtin with the app so you can easily edit them within the Photos app on your macOS.

macOS Sierra brings a large number of tools with the updated Photos app. The Photos tool offers inbuilt Photo editing tools which serve the best and intuitive user interface for all the Mac users. With the Photos app, you can perfect all the shots which you want to edit with comprehensive powerful yet easy to use photo editing tools which all are included on the app.

With the Photos app, you can enhance and improve the quality of the photos easily with just one click. You will be able to use a variety of filters which are included in the editing tools to makeover the entire photos. You can add text, shapes, sketches, or a signature to your images with markup too. The tool helps you to bring even more life to the live photos which you take by your iOS device. This is not just done, the app also allows you to instantly share your photos with your friends and loved ones with just one click. For more information, you can check out the official Photos App now.


GIMP is also one cool photo editor tool available for macOS. The tool is widely popular as it is available for free for all the Operating Systems such as Linux, macOS, Windows. It allows you to change the actual source code and you can distribute your changes through it. No matter what type of person you are, GIMP serves the best of features to edit the best photos with builtin tools.

Whether you are a graphic designer, illustrator, photographer or just a normal person who takes photos on mobile phones, GIMP can help you out with its highly advance photo editing tools. It also supports customizable additional plugins which you can add to this software to enhance its User Interface.

GIMP has a bunch of additional photo editing tools which you can use to edit your photos. Tools like painting tools, cloning, color correction, enhancement with filters and much more. This tool is designed for the real professional photographers for the same reason, the developers have designed this tool to support and compatible with all types of formats of the images. You can get more information about this tool by clicking on to the title.

3. Pixelmator

Pixelmator is known as the World’s most innovative image editing app which packs with a bunch of photo editing tools. Pixelmator is highly advanced photo editing tool which brings the real AI power to your photography. This tool or we can say app is fully customizable which allows you to make use of all the available tools to edit your photo well. The tool is designed with single Window user interface with powerful tools.

It serves the beautiful and elegant design to bring the best of photography experience. You can convert your normal photos into the real professional work through this app. Pixelmator makes it incredibly easy to move, resize and arranging layers. You can easily arrange different objects available on your photo with the tool.

The new Pixelmator app has cutting-edge painting engine powered by the Metal 2 graphics technology which offer natural filters and colors to your photos. You can choose from a number of brushes, textures and much more right from this app which is available for free for testing purpose. Or you can even purchase this toll for $29.99 which is compatible for mac, iPhone and iPad. For more information you can click the title.

4. Sketch

Sketch has becoming one of the most popular photo editing tools in the photography profession. With an improved User Interface and easy to use design makes everyone able to try this app out if they are need of editing a particular photo on a Mac system. With Sketch, you can work better and faster with a bunch of tools and builtin filters.

With new technology gadgets, Sketch has been redesigned with maximum zoom functionality to help the users of Retina based devices. It supports multiple pages and Artboards. Sketch has plenty of built in extensions which help you to create an ultimate photographs from the normal ones. It gives you super smoother UI just like the original Photoshop app so you can easily try out various features without any worries. Apart from this, the app has builtin Exporting tools to help you export your work instantly. It has supportive exporting tools such as Slice layers, filter slices, multiple scales with autosave option to save your work immediately. The tool is available for Mac system for $99. So if you are a complete professional designer or photographer, this tool is here for you.

5. Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo is a new Photo Editing tool available in the market for Mac systems. It’s a professional photography editing tool which offers a good workflow when it comes to editing a particular photo. It is compatible with all types of files format which makes the tool even more interesting playground. The tool or app serves a complete intuitive user interface with sophisticated tools.

The app is getting good reviews from its users around the world who are happily using it to edit their photos from Mac and other iOS devices. You can easily develop camera RAW files with comprehensive RAW editing. It allows you to work in any color space as per your desires. It is also compatible with cross-platform so you can work on this tool on Windows or Mac system. The system autosaves your work so you don’t need to worry about the loss of your work.

Additionally, it has a number of presets or we can say filters which you can use to change the entire look of your photo with background and color tone. Just select the filter and you will see the changes in real time while using this tool. Customizable effects offers a wide range of area where you can easily manage and setup things as per your requirements to your photos. Click on the title to know more about this tool.

6. Photoshop Elements 

Meet the sibling of the original Photoshop named with Photoshop Elements. This tool helps you not even editing photos, but you can easily organize and manage your photos like right away. You can have fun creating and sharing your amazing photos with this tool as it serves a complete user friendly interface to get the best out of your normal photos.

Photoshop Elements works on three simple things, Edit, Create and Share. The tool has incredibly amazing tools with which you can easily edit your normal clicks into amazing professional photos. There are a bunch of extraordinary photo editing tools available with plenty of extra things you can use within the tool. A set of proper guidelines are also given here to bring the best in class moments for you right away. You can simply share your work on various social networks instantly with just one click and much more. The tool is available with its free trial edition and full premium version. For more information click on to the title.

7. Lightroom

Lightroom is also a popular Photo editing application or we can say software which is available for mac systems. This product is also a sibling of Microsoft’s Photoshop from Adobe which you can try out to edit your photos with professional photography tools. Lightroom software serves kind of an easy to use UI which can you all can try out even if you don’t have any basic knowledge. You are just clicks away to get an amazing photo of yours within this tool.

Lightroom allows you to add additional presets so you can easily turn your normal photos into amazing piece of photography. Just upload a normal photo and select the present from the left sidebar. You can see the preview of the present in small screen, once you are satisfied with the chosen tool, click it up and the photo will be changed. You can even make it look even more beautiful by enhancing it using various professional tools which you can try out from the right sidebar. In a nutshell, Lightroom is by far the best tool which you can try out on your Mac system. It is available with its free trial version and a premium version. You can follow the title for more information.

8. Aftershot Pro

Aftershot Pro is yet another premium photo editing tool available for Mac systems. The software is available with two versions, a free trial version and a premium version. It offers an intuitive RAW editing tools with simple workflow to follow. It serves a decent user interface which is actually time saving tool to edit and convert your photos quickly. Apart from this, you can use this tool even to manage and organize your photos and can sort them out.

Additionally, this tool offers ultra-fast workflow to experience the super faster loading, selecting and editing experience on a Mac system. This tool offers 4X faster performance then the Adobe’s Lightroom. You can edit and perfect thousands of photos with batch processing and presets to instantly convert your photos with an amazing artwork. Exporting your work is pretty simple, you can easily export your work by clicking on to the export button to a desired location on your system. You can get to know more about this software by clicking on to the title.

9. Acorn 6

Acorn 6 is a latest version of the popular Acorn Photo Editing tool which is available for macOS 10.11 and later. The tool is available with 14 days free trial edition along with a premium version which you can install from the official App Store application. It has powerful editing features to convert the normal photos into good piece of professional photography work.

Apart from this, Acorn 6 has tools like Circle text tool, text on a path, Photo effects, Non-destructive filters, Vector tools and much more. It serves a decent user interface designed for all with non-destructive photo editing tools. You can use layer masks, crop tool, transform, resize, rotate, RAM image import, Snapping, alignment, custom color picker, Shape processor, photoshop brush import and much more. Even if you are just a newbie, you can still make use of this tool with its tutorials. You can learn new photography tricks within the software which is a good thing for all the beginners. For more information about this tool, you can click the title link.

10. Seashore

Seashore is a free and easy to use photo editing tool available for macOS. This is an open source Photo Editing tool which can be used by anyone. If you are looking for a basic editing tool rather than a complete professional tool, then Seashore is the best option you can have for your Mac system.

Seashore offers a number of features which you can instantly use to make over your photos. You can easily add various effects and can use normal photo editing tools to crop, resize photos. It has much simpler photo editing facilities compare with other professional photo editing tools. It’s a free tool and you can get it from its official website. Click the title for the same.