Photo Resizer HD an Android app : Review


Photo Resizer is an Android application which we can find in the Android Google play store, As name suggests this application is used to re size your Images as you need as manageable. Now a days most of the smartphones are capable to take high definition Pictures similar to the cameras few years back. This HD images takes long time to upload, To over come this problem this photo Resizer came in to existence. By using this application easy you can change the HD pictures size and easily you can upload into internet.

How is works

  • Initially you need to download it from the Android Google play store and then installation process, After installation the app Icon will appears on the screen.


  • Click on the photo resizer app icon to open the application.
  • Intially the screen shows two options one is Settings and Gallery, If you select gallery the gallery of your device will appears and select the picture which you want to make resize.


  • If you click on the settings option the setting will appear which includes Format, JPEG quality, sharpening and more. As your requirement you can change the settings.


  • After selecting the photo from the gallery you can do major change to the original picture like crop, rotate, and the resize button which is in double ended arrow mark which is the main feature of the entire aplication.


  • Another advantage of this app is you can resize more pictures at a time, you need to select the images from the gallery and share them to Photo resizer HD.
  • Finally after doing the changes to the picture you need to save the picture which will be store in your device.



  • Photo resizer HD is simple and easy to use it and also a great app every one can understand.
  • The performance, speed and features of this application is quite good.
  • Some advanced features are also be added like sharpening.


  • It will be great if ¬†photo editing like thing is added.
  • preset for specific social media networks should be great.


Over all this application is quite good, we cannot say it is the best feature app. The main advantage of this application is that you can resize more pictures at a time. No photo editing option in this app, as per performance, speed, and features this is Good.

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