Pebble Beach 2017: Guts and Glamour at Concours D’Elegance


    The dawn has been broken over the Monterey Peninsula as it found the fairway at the Pebble Beach 2017. The Golf links are decorated for the 18th fairway in a historic way with samplings of many motor cars that have been ever made. The annual Concours D’Elegance to happen at the Pebble Beach 2017 capped the Monterey Car Week, attracting all the automobile lovers, across the world. The Entrants to the event are selected on the basis of expensive, beautiful, rare and elegant cars that have been brought.

    However, the vehicles on the lawn of the Pebble Beach 2017 are the fastest and indeed the best examples that one can find in Automotive Engineering, and the list included the steam cars to the brass-piped cars right from the early 1900s to the latest generation.

    Pebble Beach 2017

    The men and women who attended flew in or shipped their cars from far-flung locations — including, this year, Bangkok, Thailand, and Beijing — and came prepared to present the vehicles in full period regalia. “This is our Super Bowl, our World Cup,” said McKeel Hagerty of the vintage car insurance company that bears his name. “This is the single biggest car event of the year.”

    The spectators who came to the game were equally beautiful given the women wore summer frocks, bright gowns, and wide hats while the men came in pants of sky blue and lime green.