PaperFold experimental smartphone design shows three foldable displays


In spite of the fact that we question you will be seeing it getting it Best Buy at anytime soon, the Paperfold is one smartphone which is in experimental stage that truly gets the attention. Developed via researchers and developers at Queen’s College in Canada, the Paperfold uses three separate display that can fold one over another and also are responsive enough to where they are relative to each other.


For instance, If you overlap out the smartphone to look similar like a laptop with one display level on the table and an another set up vertically, the gadget will know to make the flat display into a keyboard console and the vertical display into your main display screen.

“In PaperFold experimental smartphone, each display screen tile can act freely or as a part of a individual system,” demonstrates Dr. Vertegaal, a Queen’s University professor at its School of Computing. “It allows various gadget form factors, giving supports to versatile task that ask extensive screen or keyboards on demand, while holding a ultra-thin, ultra-compact and lightweight variant.”

Checkout the video to know more about the features of this tri-fold smartphone which works like a notebook, tablet and even one can use it as a smartphone. This experimental video gives more idea visually how things are actually happening with this innovative smartphone design.