A 17-Year-Old ‘Overwatch’ Pro signed a League Contract of worth $150,000


An Overwatch League team has just signed a professional player for a $150,000 league contract. The player is just 17 year old and this shows the lucrativeness of the eSports career. The starting session of the game is all set to launch and the official signing for the teams will be kept open till the October 30th. However, the Overwatch League team has been signed by Mr. Jay Won who is known in the game by his handle, “Sinatraa”.

He has been listed as one of the most astounding players in North America and is given a massive contract higher than the minimum salary of the Overwatch League players and it doesn’t include the share from the team bonuses.

Overwatch 01

Won has been the only subject of the bidding between Cloud9 and NRG Esports driving the Overwatch player’s salary to a great extent. Won has decided to sign for the NRG Esports though it was his mother who did this signing with him still being a minor.

Won is going to join Brad Bajani, the former coach who has been named as the Overwatch Coach by NRG ESports after the closure he has given in the successful and selfless gaming. Brad Bajani has also been the co-owner of the Selfless Gaming which Won has played before hand.