Opera is shutting down its VPN app for Android and iOS on April 30

By | April 22, 2018

Opera has release an official statement on their very own VPN app. The company said that they are officially shutting down their VPN app for Android and iOS mobile platforms. The app will go off from April 30, company announced! 

Opera has started offering their own VPN Service to customers a few years back and now the giant is shutting down the app for both, Android and iOS platforms. Opera’s desktop web browser has built-in VPN service which lets you make use of it without the need of any external tool.

While using the Opera browser on a smartphone, this tool first ask you to start using their VPN service by allowing it, a permission is required. But by now, the giant is calling it back and you would no longer be able to use this application on your smartphone.

According to Opera VPN’s official website, the giant is, “discontinuing the Opera VPN app for iOS and Android on April 30, 2018”. The tool was essential for those who don’t want other third party websites to track your location and all. This tool was a saviour for such people as they can change their current location to various countries easily by making proper use of this too.

Opera VPN was available with its free version and a Gold premium version which required you to pay $30/year. The Gold premium subscriptions comes with a variety of functionality and more countries to setup your current location in!

Interestingly, people who have recently paid $30 for the Gold premium service of this VPN service, they will continue using this service until their plan is finish. So if you have paid $30 recently, you will be able to use the service for the entire year and your subscription will be active for one long year. Your plan will be moved to SurfEasy Ultra VPN.

Until now, Opera’s VPN Service was one of the most used VPN services on the mobile systems. In fact, the service had millions of its users who were actively using it to surf the webpages securely. Now, the service is going to end very soon and the users have to look for other ways or we can say other free VPN services which they can use on their respective smartphones. You can explore the best free VPN providers list if you are looking for the same for your desktop.

The company has further added that the service is only going off from the Android and iOS platforms, which means that the desktop browser’s built-in VPN service will be there for the users.

Sadly, the company has not clarify anything on shutting down this app for mobile platforms. Why do they have taken this firm step is still unknown as they have not spoken anything on the reason of shutting down this app.