What is Ontology? Should You Buy ONT Right Now?


Ontology is basically a new high-performance public blockchain project. The platform works as a collaboration platform by building trust on various projects. This blockchain network supports public blockchain systems. It is also able to customise various blockchains as per the consumers’ requirements. 

Ontology comes with a Crypto-Coin which is the latest in the market. The Ontology is known as ONT in the Crypto world. The coin has just started trading a few days back and has already started creating buzz around the world. This is just like every other coin which were recently introduced in the market via AirDrop. There’s nothing surprising about this particular coin at this moment.

Should you buy ONT right now?

ONT is currently rising in the market as the coins has gained 80% growth in just one week of period. The current value of this coin has reached to $3.81 and the coin has improved 15% of its value in just one week of time.

Being the latest platform and crypto in the market, different people have different opinions about this particular coin. The platform is still in its initial price discovery stage as there is nothing stable in the currency world at this moment of time.

Just like every other Cryptocurrencies, no one is able to judge the future values of this ONT. The Ontology project is still in its NEO-based stage. Initially, we could expect good value growth of the currency as people would definitely going to invest here.

Ontology’s own platform is currently in the testing environment and the consumers are adding and testing different nodes. New platform takes months before launching for public sector and this Ontology’s platform is also doing the same thing.

ONT which is Ontology’s digital exchange or we can say a Crypto-coin just added to the platform for making digital transactions. This will definitely see growth in the Asian markets and soon around the world.

As mentioned above, the peak trading of the ONT happened right after the AirDrop and then the other terms came in. The digital asset ONT is breaking records in the market as we have been noticing constant growth in the same.

Just to make people aware about the frauds, Ontology has officially released a statement to stay away from various sources and focusing on the official releases. You can find out the statement which was made on Twitter by Ontology in the following embedded Tweet.

Ontology or ONT is basically a part of NEO Network. And both of these networks can work together to bridge the gap between the real world and the blockchain technology. Both of these networks or we can say platforms have similar goals and for the very same reason, investors can put their trust upon it.

Ontology focuses on trust, data exchange and authorization, identity while the NEO focuses on digital assets and a global Smart Economy. They are fulfilling each-other’s needs and they both are growing together which is indeed a good thing for both of them at the same period of time.

If we go back and see the previous week’s data, ONT has achieved 80% growth on its base value. The base value of the currency will go sky-high in the coming days. So for now, you can buy the ONT for the future. The coin is the latest one in the market and as soon as you purchase them, you would get good returns in very short period of time.