OnePlus 4 : Release Date, Price, Features and Specifications


OnePlus 4 is the most rumored smartphone in the current tech news. If you’re looking for a new smartphone to buy in the coming time, take a look on to the features and specifications of the fourth generation of OnePlus smartphone series, OnePlus 4. Since we have plenty of rumors of this phone already, we have compiled and enlisted all the features and specifications of this phone along with the expected release date and its price here. Take a look! 

As we all know that, OnePlus has a series of smartphones with OnePlus One, OnePlus X, OnePlus 2 and the recent one OnePlus 3, this new OnePlus 4 will surely catch millions of eyeballs just like these previous ones. If you already liked these devices in your past and looking for an upgraded version of them, OnePlus 4 is about to knock your doors.

OnePlus 4 : Features and Specifications

Just like its previous devices, OnePlus 4 too has got that super stunning design with handy looks. Of course, the device will have a tough body to keep it safe from accidental drop outs. The phone will definitely amaze the users just like all the previous devices.

OnePlus 4 Display and Body :

The phone is rumored to have an aluminium curved body to give it a tougher look. It has a stunning design which looks absolutely amazing when picked. It will be having 5.5 inches on the diagonal screen to give you the perfect entertainment. The screen will have a 4K resolution which is the most highest screen resolution on a smartphone. You can even watch 3D movies on the device as the display is designed with 3D technology which comes as an in-built feature.

OnePlus 4 Camera :

OnePlus 3 has a 16 MP rear camera with easy capture feature. However, this successor of the OnePlus 3 phone will have over 22 MP of rear camera with even more additional features to capture the right moments. The auto focus, eye sensor and many other useful features will be there along with the device. There will be an 8 MP of front camera within the device as per the current rumors.

OnePlus 4 Battery and Processor :

The new OnePlus 4 will be powered by a the latest QUALCOMM snapdragon processor along with 8 GB RAM to give the super faster experience. The phone will have a dual SIM functionality with over 126 GB of external storage capacity. The Internal Storage capacity with be available with two independent variants, a 32 GB and a 64 GB. The phone will have a 4000 mAh battery capacity which is more than enough.

OnePlus 4 Price and Release Date :

Since we do not have any official words about the launching date and price of this upcoming high end smartphone from OnePlus, the new OnePlus 4 is rumored to be launched in the earlier months of this year, may be in next month?

OnePlus 4 will have a price tag around 35,000 to 40,000 as the previous one, OnePlus 3 was sold at the price tag of 30,000. The official price tag is yet to be revealed.

So folks, this was all the information that we have about the new upcoming high end smartphone, OnePlus 4. What do you expect from this next generation OnePlus smartphone? Do share your thoughts and opinions in front of us. Meanwhile, if you have anything to ask, kindly let us know in the comments section given below this post. We’d like to interact with you. Your feedback and suggestions are always welcomed.