Ola ventures into bus services


Uber-Olacabs-Ban-editOla gets in shuttle bus services by aggregating tourist and chartered buses on its platform. The company aims to become a full fledged transport solution provider in the near future. Ola is expected to launch bus services in next 2 months; they have named it as Ola Bus. They are planning to integrate the services in their app.

Ola valued at $2.5 billion states that the company will not own any buses, however, uses available tourist and chartered buses to aggregate supply. Recent hire Sundeep Sahni, Vice President – New Initiatives will lead this venture.

Sensing the huge opportunity in the transport sector, Ola plans to utilize the bus services in the major cities. With these services by Ola will increase their customer base, also will be in a position to offer cross services to the customers.

TFS-Acquisition-OlaThis move comes after Ola started diversification by exploring other services like grocery delivery services called Ola Store and food delivery services called Ola Cafe.  The company is tinkering on the idea of logistics platform like truck aggregation and carpooling services too.

Ola founded by IIT grads Bhavish Aggarwal and Ankit Bhati, is clocking estimated revenue of $450 – 500 million, and has an ambitious revenue target of crossing $1 billion by the end of fiscal.

The company has been recently by Ratan Tata and inducted Arun Sarin, Vodafone ex- Chairman on the board of Ola as independent director. He will be holding advisory role to Ola’s overall business strategy. His immense experience will be utilised by Ola for driving the growth and revenue generation.

Radio taxi-Uber-OlaIt would be interesting to see Ola which is one aggressive mode counter Uber, since the company has got relief from court proceedings. Uber is on expansion mode and started services in several cities where Ola was leading in terms of availability.

Both the companies have been funded from leading PE Investors. By this move Ola is trying checkmate Uber in the bus services. Recently Didi Kuaidi, a Chinese cab company funded by Alibaba has announced bus services in China. The company has started services between Beijing and Shenzhen and customers can book their tickets through WeChat.