Official New Promo videos of Samsung Galaxy S9 phones are here


Samsung’s new Smartphones, Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ are on the headlines as the phones are getting launched in the market on March 16. The phones are already up for pre-orders in the US and many other countries around the world. Today, the company has released three new promo videos of the phones which show off the cameras on the devices. 

Samsung has redesigned the Galaxy S9 phones with a lot of improved functionality compare to the predecessors. The company’s main Key selling feature is their improved cameras. The new Galaxy Phones have advanced cameras for the perfect photography experience.

A new set of promo videos of the Galaxy S9 phones are of 45 seconds each and they show off the main key features available on the devices. The promo videos show the devices in real life usage which looks absolutely stunning.

If we talk about the first promo video, you can see the device in its full glory with camera functionality. The device lets you capture the photographs under a waterfall as it comes with IP68 certification. It also shows off the new video recording mode, slow-motion videos from the devices with stereo speakers functionality. You can find out more about the devices by watching this first promo video of the devices.

Moving on to the second one, this video shows off the new function called split screen. The devices comes with split screen mode which splits your screen with two independent screens. You can work with two different applications at the same time with this mode. It also focuses on low-light photography available on the device. The sensors on the cameras are very powerful to capture a series of photos with rich images. Check out more from the video right now!

The third video is all about the new AR feature on the devices. As you know, Samsung has pushed the new Artificial Intelligence powered Emojis to the devices to compete against iPhone X’s Animojis features, this promo shows off the new AR powered emojis on the devices in their full glory. You can figure them out by watching the realtime video showcasing the functionality of this emojis on the new Galaxy S9 duo phones. Find out more about this feature by watching this video.

So folks, these were all the new promo videos released by the South Korean giant today to promote and show off the new features available on the new generation of their flagship phones, the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+.

Apart from this, Samsung has also launched the Experience Demo app for these devices. The app is designed for the new Galaxy S9 phones only where you can explore everything you need to know about these new phones including the demo videos to learn different functionality and features available on the devices.

Today, Microsoft has also listed both the devices on their official Microsoft Store. You can pre-order these phones from Microsoft’s official store right now. The devices will start their shipping from March 16 around the country. So you can pre-order the much awaited, Galaxy S9 phones through various networks and stores in the United States. All the platforms are accepting the pre-orders on these devices!