Oculus Concepts goes live on Oculus Store



Virtual Reality has become quite popular, as it gives you totally different and amazing experience. But finding Virtual Reality contents can be pretty difficult, as not many VR videos and games are currently available. So Oculus has come up with a solution for this problem with its Oculus Concepts.

As currently Samsung Gear VR headset is available at the price of $99. This Gear VR is a virtual reality headset that has been developed by Samsung in association with Oculus VR. You can enjoy some games and videos on VR headset through Oculus Store, but to make this store even more useful, the company has added Oculus Concepts.

Developers can post early version of their games and apps on the Oculus Concepts, which can be tested by the users, as they can use these software before it gets completed. This Concepts section of Oculus Stores is a very good place for developers, who want to get feedback of their apps and games during the development phase of their projects.

Oculus feels that the community feedback is a very essential part for the best VR experiences, as most of the currently available VR experience are influenced by people’s feedback. So with Oculus Concepts, the company is hoping that more and more developers will use this platform for their apps and games.

More than 25 virtual reality games are in pipeline, which is expected to be released by December 2015. If you love playing games, you can buy a Bluetooth gamepad that is compatible with Samsung Gear VR headset. This new Gear VR also comes with an Oculus Social Alpha app that lets user hang out with friends.