Nvidia’s new $179 Shield TV is here to compete Apple TV 4K


Nvidia has recently announced its new entry level 16GB Shield TV in the market. The new Nvidia Shield TV bundle is priced at $179 which is pretty much the same size of the new Apple TV 4K. Apple’s new Apple TV 4K is all set to hit the market on Tomorrow. So this new Nvidia Shield TV is here to give tough competition to Apple’s TV 4K.

If we talk about the Nvidia’s new bundle which is recently announced, it will be packed with a Console along with the Remote control. However, this entry level console doesn’t have a dedicated game controller. If you want to go with the dedicate controller, you have to pay some additional money as the premium bundle is priced at $200 which will include the same 16GB memory.

The new Nvidia’s Shield TV offers 4K HDR support just like the new Apple TV 4K. This makes it a tough competitor of Apple’s TV 4K in terms of features and pricing.

If we talk more about the Nvidia’s Shield TV, the standalone Shield TV controller is still priced at $60. If you are willing to play games through this console, there is a premium console available which retails at $200. For the premium users who are looking for huge space to store various things, the  Shield TV Pro with 500GB on onboard storage is also available for $300 on Amazon so you can have plenty of choices to choose the perfect TV for you. Fortunately, all the Shield TV and available variants do support 4K HDR.

Unlike the original Apple TV 4K, the new Shield TV is packed with a bunch of additional features which look quite familiar to all the people around the world. The new Shield TV from Nvidia comes with Plex server capabilities, the Google Play Store, built-in Chromecast support. Apart from this, just like smartphones you can even expand the memory of this TV by using a USB drive. It has a dedicated Game Store also available to buy premium games or you can even start playing the free games which are available on the store.

Apple TV 4K has a different set of features which are not compatible with the above features of the Shield TV which may not offer good UI for everyone just like the Shield TV.

As per the reviewer of the new Shield TV, the new generation Shield TV are there for all types of people around the world, especially for the gamers who can easily play their games without purchasing an additional gaming console. There are some other options also available for you if you don’t want to go with Apple TV or Shield TV, Amazon is offering the same service with Amazon Fire TV and Roku Ultra. So, you can get your desired things from different types of devices instead of depending upon the one.

If you are already impressed with the new Nvidia Shield TV, you can preorder it right now. Head over to the official website of the Nvidia Shield TV and preorder it now. The console will ship from October 18th. If you are a true gamer, then you should go with the Nvidia Shield TV Pro which is available at $200.