Nvidia looks to release Tegra K1 powered Gaming Tablet Soon


Nvidia Corporation is an American global Technology based company which manufactures Graphics Processing unit as well as having significant stake in manufacture of system on a chip units for the mobile computing market. Now Nvidia also joined the gaming industry with its Nvidia shield. A Year back Nvidia launched its first gaming handheld as I mention earlier but this wasn’t success in terms of sales but it provided a new path to play the PC games as well as Android Games that are build for controllers.

The Shield wasn’t just a Tegra 4 powered handheld gaming console, it could also stream PC games via a speedy WiFi network and a computer powered by a recent Nvidia graphics card.  Nvidia also offered a way to stream games from their GRID online gaming service much as services like OnLive have done in the past.  Regardless of all these features, a bad combination of high price and little advertising meant the system was more or less doomed from the start.

This time Nvidia is putting together a tablet meant specifically for gaming, and will sell a dedicated controller to go alongside of it.  What’s more is that it’s going to be powered by the upcoming Tegra K1, the incredibly powerful new chipset from the company that beat every thing on the market in terms of raw gaming performance.

This Tablet has features which are similar functionality to the shield, include the ability to stream your PC games over WiFi network so you do not have to up the TV, and will also be able to pay the latest Android games with perfect performance.  upcoming device will also be able to display Android games on your TV if you so wish via an HDMI port built into the device.

We can say this above device as a tablet because it can run all the Android apps in a more native form factor, unlike shield this device have different prominent controller. Since the controller for the new device is a separate users can just use it like a rectangular tablet or Gaming tablet as you required. The tablet is being built to show off the technology to the manufactures any way.