NPR One Android app brings public access radio to your phone


Public Access Radio fans have got the new app which connects you to the stream of public radio news and stories created for the users. NPR One is the new public radio app which launched along with the web service and apps for Android and iOS. This app gets you daily news, great stories from around the world and within your community. You can specify on what you are interested in and the app will deliver the audio broadcasts of all the stories you are interested in.



  • A Handcrafted Experience : This app starts with the latest news and moves to the flow of the stories that matters. All the stories are thoughtfully curated by the hand everyday.
  • Easy Control : If you want to pause, skip, ahead, rewind or share the story with your friends easily, all from the single app.
  • Personal, not prescriptive : Though you can personalize your stream which you want to hear, you will still hear the top news which you have no idea would captive you.
  • Connect locally : Even with the span of the public radio at your fingertips, you will be accessed to this at home. Local news is accessed seamlessly into your listening experience.


  • Access to personalized stream of NPR and local news and stories.
  • Skip, pause, rewind and share with your friends easily from the single app.
  • Search for your favorite podcasts, stations and shows.
  • International, National, local and regional every content will be provided, but according to your interest only.
  • Simple and attractive perceptive interface.

This app is available for free and it is the best app to feel more connected and aware of the world around you. This app runs on Android 4.0 or higher. As fast as the world is changing the way of listening the public radio, NPR One is also changing the way of delivering it.

Download NPR One Android app