Now its time for book to judge you with its cover!


Do not judge a book with its cover is a common saying. But the with the innovation of Moore, an Amsterdam based design studio, the recent saying is ‘Don’t judge a book with its cover because a book can judges you with its cover.’


True to the recent saying, a creative design studio, Moore has come up with a book jacket that will open up only when the reader does not show any judgment about the book.

The interesting book cover has an integrated camera and facial recognition system that scans the reader’s face and unlocks the book only when the expression is neutral. Any other expression like frowning or even excitement will not open the book. It would remain tightly locked until it scans for the expression it needs.

Book cover judge

The prototype book called as ‘The Cover that Judges You,’ currently consists of creative work for the Art Directors Club Netherland annual.

The working mechanism of the book cover is quite simple. The book has a camera placed on the top of the cover, above the screen that sends back the image when it scans the face. The camera scans the face of the reader who wants to open the book. It screens feedback and signal to the Arduino boards. If the facial signals match with the inbuilt one i.e. neutral face the book unlocks, else it stays unlocked. The neutral expression triggers an Arduino micro-controller that thereby unbolts the lock.

book cover
Working mechanism of the book cover


The screen on the top reflects the readers face with the artworks featuring abstract facial features that allows the user to position their own features in the right place.

Designer Thijs Biersteker states, “My aim was to create a book cover that is human and approachable hi-tech.” He also says that judgment should not be a hurdle to unrelenting enthusiasm of seeing things for the first time.

Some innovations, though may not yield money or get popularity, are really amazing for the creative works and endless effort they have put into. This book jacket is one such amazing innovation.