Now recycled Coffee ground to be used for 3D Printing



3D printing with the glass is a very good thing currently, but 3D printing with coffee grounds is just amazing. The 3D printing material maker 3Dom has been using old coffee grounds for 3D printing.

This is called Wound Up by the company. According to 3Dom, the filament of this 3D printer is made by using waste byproducts from coffee. 3Dom is currently one of the largest makers of filament for 3D printing and the company has partnered with the biocomposite developer to create 3D printing filament that is made from recycled coffee ground.

It features a spool, which can be used in any 3D printer that uses PLA materials and then it produces very cool dark brown 3D printed objects. It can create various objects with various designs. The final product doesn’t smell like coffee at all, but the company said that “the object is being printed, there is a very distinct, sweet coffee aroma.”

This filament is made of coffee PLA mixture that is available in 1.75 and 2.85mm. This comes at the price of $49 per Kg. 3Dom is one of the largest 3D printing materials and has 10 years of experience in this field. Now the company has collaborated with c2renew. The company is hoping to make some other biocomposite filaments in near future.