Now Charge your Smartwatch from your phone via Power sharing cable


After getting any smartphone or smartwatch the first thing we need to care is the battery, there are few accessories are there to help in emergency such as Power Bank, Wireless chargers etc but on the go there are not gonna help at all and this is the only reason people before grabbing any smartphone first check the battery, no matter other hardware packed is good or not. But Samsung now has done something out of the world to keep your device live throughout the day by exchanging the power between two devices.

PowerSharing Cable Samsung
Are you also among them who mostly feels out of battery situation? Now with the Power Sharing Cable, launched by Samsung, can share power from Smartphone to smartwatch or tablet to smartphone and smartwatch easily. Samsung claims that the cable can share enough power between one device to another to keep it live.

As of now, there are only limited smartphone or tablets are in the list that supports this power sharing cable, Galaxy S5, Galaxy Tab S 10.5, Galaxy Tab S 8.4, Galaxy Alpha, Galaxy Avant, and Galaxy Note 4. However, any device that supports microUSB port can be charged up with this smart cable. Of course, some of the used energy will be lost due to the inherently imperfect efficiency of the process.

PowerSharing Cable Samsung
As you can see in the image, both the end of the cable has microUSB port helps to connect two device easily with the help of the power flow sign at the top surface at both the port. For reliability Samsung has also released an app that help you to set how much power you want to transfer to another device.

As of now the cable is only available to Official Samsung Store at just $19.99 which is not very much for the feature it is offering. Also you can get a good power bank in same price range but this can be more reliable and useful on the go compared to any power bank.

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