Now AdBlock browser available on iOS and Android devices

By | September 9, 2015


The makers of the popular ad-blocking software, Adblock Plus, has now come up with a with a standalone mobile web browser for Android and iOS users.

This Adblock browser lets you browse the web without worrying about the annoying ads. Blocking ad is not the only feature that this browser offers, but this software comes with some other beneficial features like saving the battery, protecting users from malware attacks and saving your mobile data.

This browser allows user to block all the ads or you can whitelist your favorite websites. The Adblock browser has been officially launched for iOS devices. At the launch of iOS 9, it had shown how this browser works on iPhones and iPads.

Though this software gives better browsing experience by blocking the annoying ads, it can cause problems to some other publishers. Till Fadia, the co-founder of the company said in a statement, “It has been very important for us to deliver our ad-blocking app to our iOS users who do more and more web surfing from mobile devices. With the popularity of the iOS platform in places like the US, we considered it critical to offer an app in the Apple App Store. We’re thankful to Apple for working with us on this project and we look forward to their new iOS 9, which will give web developers additional ad-blocking tools.”

Certainly, this new browser is sure to meet your expectations. Currently, Apple is backing this software, so there are chances that other company may also choose to use the browser for better browsing experience.