Nioh: Defiant Honor Review


Team Ninja has finally released its popular action packed RPG, Nioh: Defiant in the market. The add-on is now available and we are here to give you information on what’s good and what’s bad about this game in a user review section. There are millions of gamers around the globe who are eagerly waiting for new games to try out on their respective gaming consoles. They have put their experiences playing this game and we have collected them all here just to get the right information about this game. 

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Nioh Defiant is second of three planned DLC expansions from Team Ninja. The game serves indeed the best gameplay that we all might expecting but it lack contents to make users stick to the game for hours. There are a variety of things in this game such as add-ons, extra power-ups and more which can be bought separately to use in this game. So if you want to expand the gameplay, you can go ahead and purchase this extra add-ons for the game.

This time, the Defiant Honor takes us to Osaka Castle of Sengoku era which is the largest castle in the world. This add-on has got some real skills with which you have to learn everything by playing the game for more hours. You can’t directly jump into the levels of this game, in fact you have to go through each one of them given in the gameplay. You have to be mastered with these things and only then you will be able to complete the level.

Additionally, Nioh Defiant has got good reviews from other users. People who were expecting some good and unique way to explore the game, are liking how this new add-on works. The game has not difficult levels to test out your own skills and powers. The new add-on also offers a number of unique and powerful weapons to test out on your gaming environment.

Nioh Defiant Honor builds up connection between the first and third DLC of the game as it is a second edition. If we compare this new Nioh Defiant with its previous edition, there are almost everything same in this newer edition, however you would get more contents and environment with this new add-on to the gameplay which is liking by most of the users.

The add-on also brings plenty of new dressing styles and new skills to develop in order to become master of the game. The game delivers a deadly new weapon Tonfa, new armor, new magic items, guardian spirits and much more to face and to battle up against the enemies. There will be a handful of difficulties which actually make the game more realistic and exciting. For the real Defiant Honor, the game has more trophies to achieve. To sum up everything, the game will offer new stages to be completed one by one to achieve more of the game. There will be plenty of small missions which you need to fulfil by playing the game and becoming master with its gameplay by going through difficulty levels.

The latest add-on, Nioh Defiant Honor is available in the market which was released on 25, July. You can purchase this add-on from PlayStation 4 for $9.99. If you have a Nioh Season Pass, you will get thie Nioh Defiant Honor add-on for absolutely free of cost.

This is what you might need to know about the latest add-on, Nioh Defiant Honor. What’s your take on this? Do you have any views and opinions to share? If you have any queries or questions to be asked, kindly let us know in the comments section given below this post. We’d be happy to help you out with whatever help we can provide. Stay tuned with us and get such trendy updates on latest games, smartphones and more of the technology world.