Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp to release on November 22


Nintendo’s upcoming game for iOS platform, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is coming to the platform on November 22nd. The company has confirmed this via Twitter as they have shared information about the game’s release date with a stunning poster featuring the release date and the name of the game. The game was first unveiled in last month and after one more, we have received the release date and after a couple of days, we would get to see it live for the smartphone platform. 

The limited access soft launch of this game was made available in Australia last month. But the rest of the world’s gamers were eagerly waiting to get a hands-on of this game as they like to experience how this game can be played on a compact screen. Well, it is finally hitting the global market with iOS platform on November 22nd.

The game is currently available in the Australia so if you live there or have an Australian based account in your iOS device, you can easily get this game installed on your device just by heading over to the AppStore from your respective iOS device as it is only available in Australia for now. The game is yet to be released in the world which gets a release date of next week.

If we talk about the previous announcements, the company had said that they were unable to come up with a concrete confirmed release date for this game for the rest of the world. However, as per the recent Twitter, it is confirmed that they are finally coming up with this game for the rest of the world on November 22.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is basically a simulator game where you would be provided a complete realistic world where you can explore and achieve things to build up your future. The gameplay allows users to visit and manage the entire campsite in the whole new village. To attract different types of animal characters, users can decorate their area with furniture and can make things better in look and everything else. This is how they will gain more score in the game. Apart from this, there are various other activities which you can try out as a part of the gameplay. You can go fishing, shop, hunt for bugs and explore the entire village like never before.

Just like other time series game, this new Animal Crossing Pocket Camp game is also time series game which shows off a time ticking once you launch the game on your smartphone. The game will be updating with new camps and other things over the time with seasons effects and improved graphics so you would feel better every time you play it on your phone.

Additionally, there’s an option to visit your friend’s camp and to exchange things between each other. You can get more experience on how you can design and manage things with a better way. You can sell and exchange things easily by visiting various other camps who have different designs of their camps than yours.

Fortunately, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is a free-to-play game and you don’t have to pay anything to install it on your iOS platform. However, there are some in-app purchases available to shorten up the time period. You can purchase leaf tickets for the same and this way you will gain more time to decorate and to redesign your village so you can attract more animals to your camp.

Once the game is officially announced, you would be able to install it to your iOS device without having to use the Australian account on your device. You will be free to download and install it on a respective iOS device from different regions of the world.

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