Nintendo Switch update brings Facebook and Twitter friends suggestions


Nintendo Switch has released a new update with Firmware number 5 for the Nintendo Switch consoles. The new firmware update for the console brings a variety of new features and options for the users which are very useful for all the gamers who play their games on this console. 

The official release note of this new Firmware update shows off the newly added functions and other system improvements from the update. So we have the clear information about the update and what would we get after installing this new firmware update to a respective Nintendo Switch console.

The new update adds total 24 new Arms and Kirby player icons. The update has also improved the downloading option from the console. So after upgrading your console with this new update, you will be able to download the newly purchased games from Nintendo’s official website or from your smartphone more faster and it will take less time than before. So if you were annoyed with the slower downloading speed of the games, you can have more faster download speed with the new update. Interestingly, this feature works even if your console is in sleep mode. The game will be downloaded on the device with the sleep mode as well.

The new update also brings more clearer feed. So with this, you will be able to filter your news feed and you would only see the contents which you like to on the feed after filtering it. You can set the unread messages on the feed which will show you the unread messages on the feed first.

One of the most interesting functionality that is now available with this new update is Friends Suggestions. This new system functionality will allow you to add your Facebook and Twitter friends to the platform who are also using the Nintendo Switch console. First you have to link up your Nintendo’s account on Facebook and Twitter and with this integration, the console will show you the suggestions of friends of Facebook and Twitter platforms.

In order to view your friends suggestions, you just need to click on to the Home button from the upper left corner. Now head over to the user page and select the Friends Suggestions option. Make sure you are 13 or above, as this feature is only available for this group of age.

The new Firmware Update adds new parental control feature which lets parents take full control of the captured videos through the platform. So your kids and children will only see the videos which you allow them to. Otherwise, they will not be able to explore the videos on the console.

The Firmware update also brings ability to notify you whenever something new available for you. If you have pre-purchased game, the system will send you a notification which lets you know about the purchased item. In a nutshell, the new Firmware update for Nintendo Switch is kind of essential phone for the platform and for everyone.

In order to download the new Firmware Update for your respective Nintendo Switch console, all you have to do is just go to the System Settings option and scroll down until you see System and then select System Update option. By selecting this option, the system will show you the new Firmware Update with all the information of the update including the Changelog. There you could also see the Download button for the update. Just hit the Download button and start the process. After this, install the update to your Nintendo Switch console manually by following the basic instructions given by the system.

As mentioned above, the update is an essential one which will bring a lot of improvements and new system functionality with a bunch of extra features for your Nintendo Switch console.