Nintendo reports profit of 9.3 million in first quarter

By | July 31, 2015


Nintendo has published its first quarter earnings for three months till June 30th. According to the report, net sale of the company is ¥90 billion, which is equal to $727 million and the profit is ¥1.1 billion equal to $9.3 million. This is the company’s best quarter sales since 2012 and this has also proven Wall Street expectation wrong, as they were predicting loss in between $1 million and d$50 million.

According to the Company, main source of the profit is sales of its Nintendo 3DS console and games as well as sales of Amiibo figurines. Its recent release squid based shooter Splatoon for Wii U has also done well, which has sold 1.62 million copies since its inception in the end of the May.

Though this new report will definitely please the company, but this should not be surprising, as back in 2012 interest in the Wii was less due to the launch of Wii U. this figure won’t be much satisfactory to Nintendo. The sales of Wii U have been down to 470,000 from 510,000 sales of last year. However, Nintendo says that they are expecting games of smartphones as new source of revenue before end of 2015. So the company is expecting some big revenue from release of Super Mario Maker, Mario Tennis and Star Fox.