Nintendo ready to watch you sleep with next product

Nintendo has been in news lately about the discontinuation of the TV service, however, even before that news aired, the brand is back again, making story about the next product which will watch and analyze when you are sleeping.

The latest product (not in idea anymore, as Nintendo just got a patent registered. It will be a small device kept on the side table of your bed, equipped with a microphone, camera, projector and various types of sensors. All the components, collectively will keep a record of your activities when you are asleep. The projector attached will be another important component to give you feedback about your sleep quality.


The text at the patent file says,

“This display system is provided with a sensor, a projector and a control means. The sensor detects user information for calculating a state relating to sleep of a user. The user information is, for instance, biological information, such as pulse rate. The projector displays, by means of projection, a predetermined image. For instance, the projector displays, by means of projection, an image on a ceiling by projecting the image upward. The control means controls the projector corresponding to the sleep-related state calculated on the basis of the user information.”

Nintendo has been working on quite a few things these days. Earlier this year, Nintendo NX was unveiled with partnership of DeNA to develop a series of mobile games and now, with this announcement, the future of Nintendo as a brand is looking exiting.

Stay tuned for more news.