Nintendo Loses Wii Remote Lawsuit – $10 Million Settlement for Patent


Nintendo is legally fighting a battle against the Texas with a company called iLife, since four years. The case is about the parent infringement and it has been put forth by iLife. The technology of the iLife is said to be used in the Wii controller that has been developed by the Nintendo. iLife has originally filed this patent on the technology and Nintendo did not want to use it in the video games, back then. However, the iLife has devised the technology in order to detect the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome where the elderly people suddenly fall causing the baby deaths. The suit is sold around $144 million in the damages and with $4 million for every system that has been sold. Nintendo has sold around 36 million Wiis. Now, work out the number!

Nintendo 02

iLife has wanted an injunction that will prevent the Nintendo from using the technology in the video games. Nintendo has lost this law suit in the court but the jury also declared that iLife wouldn’t be receiving the massive amount that it has hoped for. The Nintendo has been ordered to give $10 million to iLife in this case. Nintendo has still gotten this image that it is not infringing the patent right saying that the patent has been written improperly and therefore it is invalid. The company has also vowed to appeal and continue the fight. iLife has also filed a lawsuit of the similar type against other firms like the Fitbit, the Under Armour alleging the patents and all of them have also settled in the court.